Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter visited Ft. Huachuca, AZ. The Commanding General, Major General Scott Berrier and his briefing team introduced the Secretary to the unique training missions that are undertaken at the United States Army Intelligence Center of Excellence. As a part of the briefing Dusty Miller, Titania’s Vice President of Intelligence Training Programs, provided an overview of Titania’s work at Ft. Huachuca, centered on the creation and integration of the Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE) Exercise, Unwelcome Guest.

The exercise is a “hands on” practical exercise, which was designed and developed to satisfy the unique training requirements of the Military Intelligence Career Courses. It enables students to research and apply historical lessons learned, leverage the existing intelligence enterprise, practically apply the Military Decision Making Process and the supporting integrating processes, Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield, Information Collection and Targeting across all operational domains.

Unwelcome Guest uses fictitious world events as a road to war, built around four primary operational variables: Political, Economic, Military and Sociocultural. The Order of Battle is derived from DATE 2.2 and the threat tactics are taken from TC 7-100-2 OPFOR TACTICS DEC 2011. TRISA WEG’s are used throughout the exercise.

The exercise stimulates unique Educational and Training needs, and allows course instructors to validate each intelligence discipline’s specialized Officer, Warrant Officer, Non-commissioned Officer, and initial entry soldiers ability to research and apply historical lessons learned, leverage intelligence databases, information portals, and networks throughout the joint, inter-organizational, and multinational domains to perform intelligence support to Unified Land Operations within a Decisive Action environment.

Unwelcome Guest has been designed with the necessary rigor to support Military Intelligence professional development regarding doctrinal processes, operational domains, and the phases of war while inducing the tenets within the DATE.

The photograph shows Dusty Miller briefing the Secretary of Defense on the integration of Unified Land Operations and Decisive Action, into the career courses, across Ft Huachuca. This is the DATE scenario that Titania has created and integrated across all career courses at Ft. Huachuca over the last three years.

Captured in this photograph, from left to right, are: Dusty Miller, Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter, Colonel Kevin Wilkinson (111th MI Brigade Commander), Mr. Jennings (Deputy Commander), Major General Scott Berrier (Commanding General, United States Army Intelligence Center of Excellence and Ft. Huachuca), and Captain Kederka (Instructor, Military Intelligence Captains Career Course).