Titania is excited to announce that John Hibbert has joined its leadership team as an Operations Vice President.

John Hibbert brings a diverse set of technical and leadership skills to Titania that he developed over the past 25 years as a U.S. Army Intelligence Veteran and federal Information Technology (IT) contractor. Prior to joining Titania, Mr. Hibbert was Vice President of IT for Oberon Associates, Inc. where he managed a global team of engineers and software developers supporting DoD and other federal agencies. Mr. Hibbert joined Oberon shortly after its inception and after 5 years of rapid growth, Oberon was acquired by Stanley Associates, Inc. Mr. Hibbert was a key member of the executive team through both the Stanley acquisition and then a subsequent acquisition of Stanley by CGI Federal.

He remained in each new organization providing leadership and enabling continued successful mission execution and growth. Before leaving CGI Federal, Mr. Hibbert managed an account of more than 270 employees world-wide.

Mr. Hibbert is well versed in the structure and operation of an emerging small business, as proven in his tenure at Oberon. Today at Titania, he is leading the FAA operations, programs, and staff and is involved in other critical areas of growth. Titania is excited to have Mr. Hibbert on its management team.