Titania Employees Have an Impact

//Titania Employees Have an Impact

Warrenton, Virginia. 15 June 2020. While in the midst of this unprecedented global pandemic with broad-ranging impacts in all our lives, one thing resonates across the board—we are indeed all in this together. Titania employees and families, customers, partners, friends, and certainly broadly throughout our communities and beyond, each feels the impact in broad ranging and sometimes unexpected ways. To create the opportunity for each and every employee to provide support where he/she believes it is most needed, this week Titania processed a surprise COVID19 Impact Bonus for all employees. Employees were encouraged to use this bonus where they feel most impactful—internally within their families, or in their communities to aid those who are hard hit during this challenging time.

Employee response has been amazing. Some comments from employees are shared here:

“It means a lot to us to be a part of such a great company and to have people care so much! We are very blessed!”

“Thank you for the generous gift in the form of a bonus. My family is always grateful for the continued employment and kindness shown over the years. We will make a contribution to a local organization with a portion of your gift. We’ve been supporting them over the years and my employment with Titania makes that possible.”

“WOW!!! Just, WOW!!! Thank you all SO much!”

“Wow, thank you for your thoughts and kind words during this time. I can’t believe we are in June already. I have a sticky note on my desk noting the day I started working from home, March 18. These are trying times on so many levels. But I feel lucky I have been able to work during the pandemic. This bonus is very generous and thoughtful. As a family we will talk about how we can pay it forward, and share like you have done!”

“You guys are a class act.”

“I am always in awe of your generosity and kindness! Thank you for this gift to all Titania employees. As I am so truly blessed already, I plan to split this amazing gift between local charities which are working hard to serve my community in its greatest time of need. As you can imagine, in this small rural community, many are hurting.

“Thank you for allowing us all to help others less fortunate – you are both wonderful people, and I am humbled by your example.”

“You guys continue to amaze me; thank you very much for this kindness and generosity. Still kind of stunned honestly.” 

“So generous of you! Thank you! I love Titania”

“I wanted to personally thank the both of you for everything you do for me and my family, and all of your employees at Titania. Both of you are true leaders and certainly a model to follow and look up to. I am so happy to be a part of this company for many years to come.”

Many employees kindly shared the ways they are “paying this bonus forward” in their communities. Some of the early beneficiaries include frequenting (albeit within social distancing protocols) local restaurants and business struggling to rebuild, donations to various local food banks (including Compassion Cupboard and Feed More), Smith Mountain Lake Good Neighbors, a non-profit providing educational summer camps and financial assistance to underprivileged children living near the Smith Mountain Lake and Lynchburg areas; Shenandoah Alliance for Shelter; Meals on Wheels; School Lunch programs; and other local, much needed programs serving our various communities.

Titania CEO was moved to convey We are always very proud of, and humbled by, our first responder and military communities. This pandemic has shown that anyone can be strong in the face of adversity just as our invaluable healthcare workers and others on the front lines of this vicious virus have so ably demonstrated. Good news stories from within our team and around the world cover the incredible compassion that people are showing each other in our mutual time of need. I think it is just this which gives us hope and strength as we weather these trying times.

We are also incredibly thankful to the Titania staff, each tending to the needs of our customers and the mission, while also taking care of themselves and their loved ones. This is a challenging time; I’m sure I can speak for all when I say we welcome the day this virus is long behind us. Until then, know we continue to identify effective ways to engage and connect with our Team, and for ways we can and should continue to assist those that most need our help. All those affected by this virus are deeply and often in our thoughts.

It has been such an unnerving time since sheltering in place and social distancing became paramount in our lives and society. It’s refreshing to see the many messages of hope show up in unexpected places or in unexpected times. We have so much appreciation for those who put others first and who do the right thing, especially when it is hard to do.”

At Titania, focus continues to be on the safety, health, and wellbeing of our team and their families, partners, and customers along with our concern and responsibilities to the communities in which we live.