Titania Solutions Group

Security Clearance TS/SCI
Job Status: Full-time
Project/Program: MITS / DoT (HTASC)
Job Location: Ft. Huachuca, AZ

Duties / Responsibilities:

Implements and operates in-house programs, practices, and procedures for developing optimal utilization of personnel. Designs and administers in-house programs to train all levels of personnel. Position develops tests and visual aids. Coordinates class arrangements, conducts training classes, and develops criteria for evaluating effectiveness of training activities. Keeps abreast of training and development research: learning theory, motivation theory, and new materials, methods, and techniques. Develops in-house programs and practices to identify developmental needs including preparing personnel for more responsible positions and increasing effectiveness in present assignments. If required, may use technical experts to assist in training. Contributes to the development of new concepts, techniques, and standards.

  • Assist in the training, administration and development of the MIOBC. This will include, (but may not be limited to) contract employees developing, updating, and maintaining lesson plans, pertinent training materials, tests, student handouts, critical task lists, ASAT input, schedule development, test training support packages, incorporation of lessons learned into POI, and POI improvement recommendations based on approved Government doctrine, tactics, techniques, and procedures.
  • Incorporate a wide array of real-world oriented training scenarios and exercises to support the various modules of the MIOBC.
  • Works with limited supervision and interacts with customer and superiors. Assignments are specific in nature. Has limited latitude for un-reviewed routine actions or decisions.
  • Assesses existing curriculum using industry best practices.
  • Performs training systems and learning platform analyses, design, development, implementation, and evaluation (ADDIE).
  • Analyzes current 111th Military Intelligence Brigade training development program needs in terms of requirements and potential solutions.
  • Develops tests and visual aids. Coordinates class arrangements, conducts training classes, and develops criteria for evaluating effectiveness of training activities.
  • Provides subject matter expertise to management and technical personnel on area of expertise pertaining to mission and technical operations.
  • Provides guidance, technical support, and training to management, technical and operational personnel.
  • Supports program staff as required and ensure customer requirements and expectations are met.
  • Provides support at technical meetings and prepares reports when required, attends reviews to evaluate and assesses curriculum capability gaps and requirements, evaluates potential solutions in meeting cost, schedule and performance milestones and provides reports.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelors Degree with four (4) or more years of experience in military training support and development and/or in the Military Intelligence profession. Degree from an accredited institution in the intelligence or other field relevant to the support for which the individual is performing.
  • An Associates Degree with six (6) years of focused and relevant experience may be substituted for a Bachelors Degree.
  • Certified USAICOE Instructor (ABIC/BITC)
  • Military experience as at least a Senior NCO, Warrant Officer, or CPT
  • Complete understanding and application of TRADOC training principles, concepts, practices, and standards.
  • Experience with the ADDIE process
  • Assists in the preparation and presentation of briefings; provides programmatic and technical support and assistance to USAICOE Training Division and the 111th Military Intelligence Brigade leadership and cadre.
  • Supports leadership and cadre by supporting the coordination and hosting of meetings, reviewing and assessing TD and Brigade planning, scheduling, reviewing and analyzing courses of instruction.

Preferred Experience:

  • 8 – 20 years of Military Service.
  • Experience on the platform at USAICOE.
  • Master Instructor qualification/certification.
  • Experience in teaching any or all of the following courses:
    • MICCC
    • MIBOLC
    • WOAC
    • WOBC
    • MOS producing courses – 35F, 35G, 35M, 35L, 35T, 35S
  • Direct hands-on experience with development, delivery and maintenance of DATE practical exercises at USAICOE.
  • Retired from the military as a CSM/SGM, CW3/CW4, MAJ/LTC
  • Experience with the development and transition of new curriculum and courseware to Army use.
  • Operational experience in planning and supporting full spectrum Unified Land Operations (ULO) and Counter Insurgency Operations.

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