Bill Clappin

Vice President

Mr. Bill Clappin brings a broad range of technical and leadership skills to Titania developed over the past 36 years in government service and industry.

Bill is a U.S. Army Veteran of 23 years. His service includes 5 years at the tactical level as a linguist and an Electronic Warfare operator. He earned his commission in 1985 from the Officer Candidate School (OCS). Bill has served in positions ranging from Squad-level to Commander; Battalion through Army Staff Officer; and as a National Agency Operations Officer organizing and leading integration and support to military operations from the national agency level.

While in uniform, Bill served over 8 years with the National Security Agency (NSA). He also served 2 years on the Army Staff coordinating Congressional Affairs for Force Development (ADCSOPS-FD) through a period of rapid change. His final assignment was with INSCOM’s Army Cryptologic Operations (ACO) office at NSA. He retired from the Army in mid-2001.

Following his military service, Bill served as an NSA civilian (GS/GG14), working as the Technical Leader for a ‘black-world’ program providing Computer Systems Development, Information Management, & Intelligence Tradecraft.

Bill has been in Defense Contracting since late 2002 in roles ranging from support to the Joint Interoperability and Test Command (JITC) in Arizona, to building and managing business operations and growth at NSA in MD, managing and developing business support to U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence (USAICOE), and developing support to the Army’s Training & Doctrine Command (TRADOC).

At Titania, Bill is responsible for providing support to the Department of Defense and national intelligence programs.

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