Gerald (Gerry) McIntyre

Vice President, Healthcare Programs

Mr. Gerald McIntyre is a proud U.S. Army Veteran of 20 years, also having served as an Intelligence Officer throughout the Army. Mr. McIntyre, while on active duty served in a variety of national, strategic, and operational intelligence positions. His military experience included significant experience as an Enterprise Systems Architect for intelligence systems and software architect developing prototype intelligence processing and simulations and modeling programs. After serving with the 307th Military Intelligence Battalion during Desert Storm, Mr. McIntyre’s last position in the army was as the Chief of the Army Intelligence Battle Command Battle Laboratory (BCBL), Battle Technology Laboratory.

Upon retirement from the Army in 1995 he joined Mystech Associates serving as Director of Operations at the Ft Huachuca office, continuing to develop advanced intelligence and simulations systems.

Under Mystech, and eventually Northrop Grumman, Mr. McIntyre was responsible for the development of the C4I Interfaces supporting WARSIM 2000 in Orlando, Florida. This effort required significant system architecture, software design and development activities in support of this constructive simulation program.

Mr. McIntyre joined Oberon in 2013 as a Systems Architect in charge of advanced development software applications for DISA, including the position as a Branch Systems Architect assisting in the development of the DISN Operational Support System (OSS) enterprise architecture.

Mr. McIntyre transitioned to CGI when they acquired Oberon, and served as the Chief Engineer on the Biometrics Automated Toolset (BAT) Program under PEO EIS and PM Biometrics. This effort required engineering management of software development and maintenance teams in CONUS dispersed locations. This effort also culminated in the enterprise level architecture development of the follow-on and more advanced biometric systems for PM Biometrics. Mr. McIntyre’s last position within CGI was as the Director for the Biometrics Systems Integration Laboratory (SIL) responsible for systems architecture development of advanced biometrics solutions.

Mr. McIntyre joined Titania in May 2012, now the third company that Jodi Johnson and Dave Young have founded and led. As Vice President for Technology, Mr. McIntyre is responsible for advanced technology decisions and strategic mapping supporting Titania’s growth goals. This includes system and enterprise architecture development for a variety of programs and functional areas including, Cyber, Biometrics, Intelligence, Communications, E-Learning, and Test and Evaluation.

Mr. McIntyre is currently the Agile Subject Matter Expert (SME) and Titania’s Deputy Project Director for the HCQIS Independent Verification and Validation Support (HIVVS) Contract with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), providing both Agile development expertise and development of an automated testing framework.

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