PSE-2CU Case Study

Challenge Encountered

Titania recognized the root causes of a critical shortfall in the training needs of students and instructors at the U.S. Army’s Intelligence Center of Excellence (USAICoE). The gap had developed as a consequence of the strategic refocusing of the Armed Forces. Students were not learning how to best apply the techniques and skills they were being taught to the development and employment of Intelligence supporting the decision making process across all military environments. We also recognized that not all stakeholders were aware of these shortfalls or engaged in developing the solution.

One of the things we are doing at the U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence in seeking innovative ways to train is bringing together different Military Occupational Specialties in a Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE), Unwelcome Guest, that gets them to look beyond their particular disciplines. Titania has provided unique and creative support in helping to bring this about.
Senior Government Representative, USAICoE

Titania’s Response

We assembled a team of experts with a wide range of tactical, operational, and strategic experience to identify and build a workable training solution to the customer’s unique classroom challenges. We engaged the leadership at the USAICoE and 111th Military Intelligence Brigade in an ongoing dialog to define and resolve the presented shortfall. We analyzed what was being taught, how it was being taught, and what medium was being used to stimulate student participation. We interviewed the instructors and the student groups to identify shortfalls and the most effective course content and delivery methods and mediums. At each stage, we engaged with the key stakeholders before finalizing our comprehensive solution.


The decisive action training environment (DATE) solution we developed, Unwelcome Guest (UG), is now integrated across all the courses taught by the 111th Military Intelligence Brigade at the USAICoE. The instructional staff trained by Titania has used UG to successfully prepare more than 4500 students for the difficult challenges awaiting them during their operational missions while deployed in harms way. Government leaders across the Army, Department of Defense (DoD), and at the National Agency level have continued to press for the exercise to be greatly expanded, directing us to grow it in length and complexity from 5 to 54 days, and embed UG across much more of the USAICoE curriculum and also in curricula across DoD. Senior leadership have praised and lauded the significant contribution this exercise is making in adding rigor to the individual courses and preparing Intelligence soldiers to work as critical participants in the support of military staffs at every echelon. Students consistently comment that they now have a much better understanding of the application of the integrating processes, their individual roles and responsibilities, and they are more confident in the application of these new skills and knowledge.

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